European Disc Golf Festival 2024

Welcome to one of the most significant disc golf events in the world! Greetings from Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and the top disc golfers in the world. It’s time to let the discs fly and determine the first winners of the European Disc Golf Festival. Will the victories stay in the homeland with local talents led by the two-time world champion Kristin Tattar, or will the trophies travel to some distant corner of the world? We will see you at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds at the end of July!

General Information

The European Disc Golf Festival’s main event will take place in Estonia at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds from July 26 to 28, 2024. This is an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy top-level disc golf right in the heart of the capital of a country. In front of the eyes of enthusiasts, disc golfers who regularly make headlines on the world stage will compete. Whether it’s the reigning world champion Isaac Robison, fans favorite Simon Lizotte, the powerful thrower Eagle McMahon, Ricky “Sockibomb” Wysocki, or another disc wizard high in the world rankings. One thing is certain – it will be a tight competition!

In addition to the main event, we will have the European Disc Golf Festival 2024 opening event on the 24th of July, with 24 of the world’s best players alongside the Karl-Erik Taukar band. Among the attendees are Kristin Tattar, Simon Lizotte, Ricky Wysocki, Albert Tamm, Eveliina Salonen, Niklas Anttila, and many other superstars of the disc golf world.

In a play-off format that’s easily followable for the audience, eight teams of three players each, including two men and one woman, will compete against each other. The competition will feature:

  • Distance competition, where players will showcase their longest throws from the tee situated under the towering Song Festival Arch.
  • Accuracy competition, where players aim to land their discs as close as possible to the target located in front of the Song Festival Arch, under the watchful eye of Gustav Ernesaks.
  • Putting competition, where players’ nerves and precision will be put to the test as they attempt to sink their discs into the basket from a short distance in front of the crowd.

With a prize pool of €5000, the stakes are high, giving the top players plenty of motivation to give it their all. And as they catch their breath between rounds, Karl-Erik Taukar band will kick off a two-act party to keep the energy high!

You'll have the opportunity to spend several enjoyable days at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, where food and drinks, as well as shopping opportunities for sports and disc golf equipment, will be available.

You can find more information about the event on the event's website or under the Facebook event.

The European Disc Golf Festival 2024 is part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Europe elite series.

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