Jacob Collier (UK) & Take 6 (USA)

This is a concert you’ve all been dreaming of! Composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier, along with the a cappella sextet Take 6, are giving a much-anticipated concert in Estonia. Despite Jacob Collier being considered a young musician and Take 6 having sung together for over 40 years, the British artist and the U.S. ensemble share excellent harmony and unique musical sensibility. Together, they have released 18 studio albums and won 14 Grammy awards. 


Jacob Collier is a versatile artist whose work transcends genre boundaries. His debut album "In My Room," released in 2016, became a hit in both the jazz scene and the broader music world. Jacob won his first Grammy awards for his arrangements of Stevie Wonder's "You And I" and the theme music for "The Flintstones." This was followed by sold-out tours and collaborations with renowned musicians such as Coldplay and John Mayer. To date, Collier has released four solo albums and won five Grammy awards. 


Take 6 is an American a cappella group that started in the 80s, drawing inspiration from jazz and gospel. They have released 14 albums, won ten Grammy awards, and collaborated with artists like Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and Quincy Jones, to name a few. 


As Take 6 is one of the world's best vocal ensembles, and Jacob Collier's concerts bring thousands of people together to sing harmonies, Tartu – the city where the first nationwide song festival took place – is a symbolic place for Collier and Take 6 to perform in Estonia. The Song Arch will resonate with voices on July 18th. 


The concert is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.



Jacob Collier

Claude McKnight

Mark Kibble

Joel Kibble

Dave Thomas

Alvin Chea

Khristian Dentley

Tartu 2024 Symphony Orchestra, conductor Valter Soosalu 





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